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Kiko Pastur

Kiko Pastur is a renowned illusionist from Galicia, creator and protagonist of magic shows in different scenarios, theaters, television (like Fool Us)…

Awarded with several national awards such as CMN San Sebastian 2002, Almussafes 2005 and 2007… and international awards such as FFAP Arcachón 2006, 3 world prize in card magic in FISM Stockholm 2006,…

Marcos Waldemar

Marcos Waldemar is an illusionist from Galicia known for having created a multitude of magic effects and worked for the most important magic product companies in the world such as Murphy’s, Penguin, Sandsmind’s,…

His magic has reached places all over the world through his products and lectures. In addition, his creations have been performed in different countries by world-class magicians.

Joshua Kenneth

Joshua Kenneth is an illusionist from Galicia. He was part of the 1st promotion of the unique university of illusionism in the world, in San Lorenzo del Escorial. He has taken his magic to all kinds of public and private events, making appearances on Galician and national television.

Among his awards are the 1st National Prize of Portugal in the Magic Valongo (2022) and the 1st Prize of the renowned Frakson memorial in Madrid.




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